My book, Political Advocacy and Its Interested Citizens: Neoliberalism, Postpluralism, and LGBT Organizations, was published by Penn Press in 2019. This book looks at how and why contemporary political advocacy groups have transformed social movements and their participants. I argue that contemporary advocacy groups encourage members to view themselves as stakeholders in a common struggle for political incorporation. In doing so, however, these organizations often overshadow more imaginative and transformational approaches that could unsettle and challenge dominant cultural and political norms.

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Other publications include:

Journal Articles

Promiscuity of the Past: Neoliberalism and Gay Sexuality Pre- and Post-AIDS,” Politics, Groups, & Identities, forthcoming.

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Book Reviews

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Yuge Differences: Why Sanders and Trump are Not Alike,” CounterPunch (Feb. 19, 2016).

How Citizens United Has Changed the Political LandscapeTulsa World (Jan. 21, 2015)

Selected Co-Authored College & University Reports

Shared Governance Task Force Report” (submitted March 2021)

With D. Arthurs, D. Beals, S. Carter, J. Drouin, K. Oertel, and D. Tingey. “Kendall College of Arts and Sciences Task Force on Administrative Structure” (submitted January 2020)